Hopefully, more good stuff about my 

version of a Write-Ins Are the New Sit-Ins

No More Passing of the Bucks campaign...

(Can't hurt and might help a lot.)




"Most elections are not populist. They are more like popular cheer-leading.

Thank Goodness, there are some when even gerrymandering doesn't work.

'No!' is the universe's way of making game-changing revolutions happen."

From Roy Wagner of the University of Virginia, a good friend and adviser.





Run w/ me

4 Congress.


At this point, folks, the odds of me winning are rather long.

That said, I see no reason to give up seeking to build wide

straight paths over often troubled waters. How about you?

My 14 issues 4 ALL of us ^ if you didn't arrive here from them.

But don't stop there. Tell me yours! Yale4Congress@gmail.com


Fellow citizens of a still great independent democratic republic?

Due to those we trusted with our votes and our dollars, we now

find ourselves increasingly engaged in an uncivil war of words.


Why do we attack each other? And in so many ways? Black/

white, "rich"/poor, liberals/conservatives, yada, yada, yada...?


We do have real differences. Yet also common interests! Yes?*

Because making $350k/year doesn't make any of us a Bill Gates!

So the next time, with good intentions, you go after some bastard

on the other side of the economic divide, remember this question:

"Who benefits?" Ask yourself that question every time you are en-

couraged to hate & fight. And you may find that it is time for more

in the 99% to stop being conned by mainstream media and wolves-

in-shepherds'-clothing Establishments of both parties. That said,

as I view it, the difference is simply this: Republicans are honestly

out in the open, vigorously doing it to us 99%-ers; whereas Dems

do it far more slowly (and more under almost everyone's radar).




And how curious that "populist" (which simply means, "for most of the people")

not that long ago became a dirty word -- just as real centrists began to be losers?





Thus my dear fellow Americans in the Fifth Congressional

District of  Virginia's Commonwealth, and elsewhere in the U.S,

lend me your populist* /concerned centrist* hearts and minds.

Please leave at the door ALL your Blue and Red Kool-Aid/BS

your guns AND your political clubs; all your partisan politics.

For I've started this site to ask for help in "Cleaning House".

Yup, in long over-due terms, the House of Representatives.





Feel you a new American Revolution? One stirring in the hearts and

minds of most still free, yet at risk Americans; a blessed spirit of political

revival, as found in these words of a GOP supporter of Donald Trump...


"America doesn't want a politician. We're sick of career politicians.

We did what we were supposed to do. We wrote the letters, we made

the phone calls, and they did not listen, and we're out to clean house."*



And then please note: Just as easily she could have been a committed supporter

of some other anti-politics populists, like Ben Carson or Bernie Sanders, or Carly.

Or me AND YOU!!!











Making "populist centrist" popular again!


Send your advice to YALE4Congress@gmail.com




* I'm rich in what's most important -- yet

"poor"? enough know some of your pain.

* I'm crazy enough to want to serve you!

* And I am NOT a lawyer.

Plus, I'm just too Independent* a common

sense thinker/doer* to be bought1 & sold2.

 Y.S.L.     inventor of TrueTyme, patented

displays circadian time and circalunar time as well as corporate time.*






YALE for Congress.

Let's all run 4 U.S.!

Guerilla politicking,

not guerilla warfare.

Can't Hurt & Might Help A Lot,

The Way Guns Can Hurt A Lot.

But how many of us will actually DO anything?

BE THAT One and see what happens!


I go by "YALE4Congress.com". As such, I am running as both an FDR

Democrat and as a Teddy Roosevelt Republican! for the U.S. Congress.

In all kinds of common sense ways please join with me in moving OUR

great country back in the right direction. E.g., by you too also running in

elections which give the Establishments of both of our great parties a run

for our money, so that we can have more choices. When we Americans are

actively and fearlessly campaigning against every incumbent and political

shill who favors the greedy interests of big donors, while blatantly ignoring

our interests, we start winning. If we wimp out, getting Bernie Sanders (or

some another candidate-for-all-of-US) elected President will not be enough.


Tips for and from Yale4Congress@gmail.com


starting your own new American Revolution...


The simple facts about how you too can start running for Congress:

1) Start telling friends & neighbors and others that you are running.

2) Get 150% of the signatures you need -- to be on your state ballot.

3) There is no need for donations to eventual filing fees for write-ins,

as well as also absolutely no requirement for signatures on petitions.

That is all that you need to do!!! The rest is up to you -- and them!!!


By the way, folks, a fundamental reason I am running is this...

We need equitable methods of doing honest Free Enterprise.

Less Mammon Corporatism and MORE BENEFIT Corporations!


For all of us millennials of all ages: Is Capitalism worth saving?

What about Schoolism, today's bloated, dumbed-down schools?

How about my 2 proposals for "Gun Protection, not Gun Control",

sane ways to protect kids & ourselves AND the Second Amendment:

"Protective Order = NO GUNS 4 U"; and/or this SMOKING GUN!*?

Furthermore, friends, guess how much our -- rank and file -- U.S.

State Department employees care about Jeffersonian principles?

If GOVERNMENT workers need a push, how about the rest of us?

When is the last time you heard, before now: Don't just vote, RUN!







More about the basic issues as I sees 'em: It is much less a matter of

big government or small than a matter of good & fair government.

What we really need is a new independent democratic republic

"Aha!" A common sense "political omnism" perspective open to all.

Imagine lots of us new Representatives with our seats IN the aisle.

I have lots of ideas like that. And others do also. So send me yours!

1st reply from someone who sees both sides of Va.'s Confed Flag issue:

I was pointed to both this and to this. All our histories are sacred, yes?   








Whomever you are voting for,

also help your neighbors vote!


Should you find my campaign worthy of any of your support,

please limit any greatly appreciated donation to just $5 or less.


* To have more funds to help remove the blockages in Congress,

it has been suggested that our "populist as centrist" campaign

ask for larger donations from the laxative industry. Will that get

our government moving again? Can't hurt and might help a lot!





.Some more about our YALE4Congress.com campaign...


Considering the large & growing numbers of Independents in our country, and

the emergence of Independent movements -- everything from new Independent

Parties (both truly independent ones as well as fronts for other parties), and also

movements to help make true Independents more influential in partisan politics,

there has not been this much energy in U.S. populist politics in more than sixty

years. Bernie and Donald and Ben Carson are just tips of a very large iceberg!!!


All that said, please see our YALE4Congress.com as an experiment in seeing how

far an Independent can go in a Congressional run, with no organization behind him

or her to speak of, and with practically no $? In my case, with centrist messages; as

well as a list of populist issues all in accord with voters' interests across the 99%?

You may be as cool, calm & collected as this recent commentater.

Or a lot more on fire. Either way, a question worth thinking about:

What happens when more and more center-friendly legislators,

office-seekers, and voters like you & me, are, as much as possible,

seeking to agree to disagree when we cannot agree to agree?

Do we not all benefit mightily in so many much needed ways?


One nation of the people,

by the people,

and for the people,

so as not to perish from this earth!




Our Y4C joins ^ Legatum Institute

in congratulating Dr. Angus Deaton

for winning a Nobel Prize for work

in well-being, health, poverty, yada...

(We have yet to hear from him about our
proposal for family-run "familycology".)



Our "All For One, One For All" Natural Citizens Campaigns party

of sorts extends alarmist regrets to the National Geographic Society

for very sadly falling into the clutches of one the great 0.1% families.

More here...