"Very importantly, at least in terms of the 'progress' of civilization here in the U.S. and elsewhere, would be the recognition that -- other than the existence of a Creator and all Spiritual or metaphysical matters -- everything else concerns 'things' or 'concepts' that relative, rather than absolute, and stand in relation to one another. In our system of self-government, 'we the People,' are wise to be engaged in the practice of resolving ideas or opinions that may prove to be in conflict, in order to create an environment where all individuals have the opportunity to prosper. Any discussion – whether an argument or an exposition – of views relating to a prospective resolution will best be served by the most Life-affirming and Creative response imaginable – and a response that will engage the logos, ethos and pathos (the reason, justice and compassion) in equal measure.

I believe this may be what His Holiness, Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, refers to in the phrase: Kindness, Clarity and Insight (which is also the title of a series of lectures he gave at various locations around the U.S. from 1979-1981; and Canada in 1980, including one in the School of Nursing here at the University of Virginia, pertaining to the Tibetan Views on Dying.)

Charlie Rose's Dad - Sen. Charles Rose (D-NC) - provided an Introduction to the talk which appears in the book, which His Holiness had given at Constitution Hall during his visit there, entitled: Religious Views and Human Society. In that Introduction, Senator Rose writes:

"Political solutions are linked directly with spiritual growth. And that is why this visit is so timely for America. The message of Tibetan Buddhism is entirely consistent with our Jewish and Christian heritage. The visionary humanism of His Holiness may even help us to find a more authentic expression of the religions with which we are familiar. All the world's religions lead along the same path."

Senator Rose also notes that the visit of His Holiness happened to coincide with the visit of the leader of the Roman Catholic faith, His Holiness, Karol Józef Wojtyła, Pope Saint John Paul II. He observes:

"We in Washington are grateful to receive these visits and to heed the insights of those conversant with the wisdom; a wisdom to which politicians aspire to but seldom achieve."

So, it would seem that it this relationship to our Creator may be something that has been diminishing in recent years; and perhaps it is for this reason that both the process – and the product – in the U.S. Congress has been very seriously undermined. In our practice of self-governance here in the U.S. It is interesting to reflect on the experience of Adam and Eve in the Old Testament, who lost their faith in God because of their lack of appreciation for the beauty of their environment and their loss of trust in what was promised. Rather than to take advantage of the Mercy and Love demonstrated by our Creator throughout the ages, it was their greed to exert dominion over God Himself. Perhaps it is the challenge is to "leap beyond simple likeness" to God -- as His Beloved Creatures -- in pursuit of an Infinite line of progress, while always continuing to reach that perfectibility -- in the most Life-affirming ways imaginable!”


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